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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


People were wondering when the fall of the king was going to happen. You know, “Why is he Mr. Perfect. That’s really great but we gotta see some layers.”. And I’m really glad that they kind of address that, that he isn’t this White Knight swooping in and making everything magical and wonderful because it’s not that simple — there are a lot of inherent struggles — of being a gay teen.

And I thought that was really cool that — A lot of my gay friends were so upset, they were like, “No, he can’t be Bi or Straight.” And at first you think that it almost undermines everything that we’ve set up, but on the contrary, I think that it was really really awesome that they embodied that conflict because, you know, if you are different, in any way, shape or form, whether it be mentally, spiritually, sexual orientation, whatever. You know, if there’s ever a glimmer of a chance that you might be “like everybody else” or the status quo, you hang on to that for as long as you can, coz maybe — all your problems would dissolve.

And that is a really interesting idea because a lot of characters that I see, you know, exploring their sexuality start as straight or maybe they’re gay. As opposed to somebody everyone is sure is gay, questioning if he’s straight, which puts out a really cool message to anybody and everybody that it’s ok to always question whatever you are. If you’re different, or you’re “normal” or in between, questioning is like healthy and just a positive thing to put to there.

So, I thought that was really awesome that when Blaine started to quote, you know, like “falter”, it was something that is a positive thing. So that was really awesome. I’m glad that he had that whole conflict.

— Darren Criss on Blaine’s storyline in ‘Blame it on the Alcohol’.

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